How to Develop User-Friendly Content

We all know how to create search-engine friendly content, but what about the user experience? While you want to develop search-engine friendly content rich with keywords, you also want to make sure the content is written for human beings. But how do you know if you have quality content on your site? It’s time for a review.

Conduct a manual, in-depth review of your content.  Quality content should be easy to find, readable, and credible. Start by reading every word on your site and check for spelling, grammar, and typos. You can also take this time to shorten complicated sentences. Next, consider style. Is the content written in a style that is interesting or captivating? Finally, imagine you’re a new visitor; is the font large enough to see and easy to read?

Once you’ve polished the content, check the facts. There is nothing more damaging to your reputation than offering wrong information. Drop misinformation and errors, and back up your facts with proper sources. Now is also a great time to delete outdated information or information that is longer relevant to your site, products, or services.

In short, keep your content fresh, fun, and simple, and chances are your visitors will want to hang around long enough to buy something.
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