Questions to Ask Your Web Host Before Buying

Article Submitted by Host Visa – Hosting Info & Blog

While there’s no doubt that you should have a website for your business and which can cause you to miss out on profitability if not considered, you should also be able to find the best web hosting service for yourself.
And in order to do this, here is a list of questions that might help you to do so:
#1: Tech Support
a. What kind of tech support do they provide?
b. Do they charge extra for tech support?
#2: Security
a. What kind of protection do they offer for the site?
b. What measures have they taken in order to ensure that unauthorized users will not compromise the safety of your website?
#3: Storage
a. How much storage is offered with their package?
b. Do they offer extra megabytes as well that will facilitate the growth of your business?
#4: Domains
a. Is the web hosting company going to register your domain name?
b. Will they charge extra for doing so?
#5: Design
a. Do they have a website builder that is easy to use?
b. Will you have ‘control’ over updates and content changes?
#6: Email
a. Will you domain name be included for the email address that you obtain?
b. Are there any extra email addresses (and aliases) that they provide, and if so, at what cost?
#7: Value
a. How is what they are offering better than the competition?
b. If so, provide examples of why their product superior than their competitors?