Bing’s New Policy on Removing Defamatory Content

In a new article published in,  Pierre Zarokian writes about the changes in Bing’s policy on removing sites from its search engine based on court orders. It appears that several attorneys have found out that Bing refuses to remove certain content from its search engine, even after a court of order declares the content defamatory. This could be bad news for companies that have defamatory content posted against them.  This technique was one of the only ways you can get defamatory posts removed from such sites as Ripoff Report.  Some of these court orders are actually honored by Ripoff Report itself, but usually if it is a default judgement it may not be accepted, which is when you want to submit your order to the search engines direct and hope that they would honor the removal.

The article includes contains details from the attorneys, Bing’s response to the recent claims, and interesting commentary by Eric Goldman, a prominent professor of law.

More details can be found at:
Details on Bing’s Policy to Remove Defamatory Content by Our CEO