Google Panda update

How to benefit from the new Google Panda update

Article written by : SEO Tips & Infos

Google first released its Google Panda in February 2011 changing its search results ranking algorithm. Many recognize it as a content quality filter. It was intended to give low rankings to “low quality sites” as well as “thin sites.” Rather than an individual page, Google Panda affects the ranking of the entire site or specific sections of a site, a deviation from previous algorithms. A March 2012 update to Google Panda expected to level the playing field by deploying an over-optimization penalty. A latest update is expected to be implemented in mid-July 2013. Many think that this update will have a less impact than previous updates.

With many updates, Webmasters are deploying many strategies to recover ranking and traffic caused by Google Panda judgment. First separate out all auto-generated content. It will help you to prevent lowering of your entire site. Second create unique content and stop stealing articles from other sites. Next when linking, use only trustworthy and authoritative links. Another measure that is beneficial under Google Panda update or for that matter for the whole algorithm is to keep advertisements to a minimum. Also, follow all Google Panda updates closely to see what exactly is going on.