4 Content Writing Tips

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Most professional writers will tell you that keeping it simple is probably the best way to go. Using big words doesn’t make you look smart but makes your reader feel stupid. That’s the only mistake that any budding writer should avoid.

So here are four tips that will work for all types of content writing:

#1: Write in short sentences

The thumb of rule is to keep it to one idea per sentence. This will make it easier for the reader to digest what you have written. Conversely, it will only cause confusion for the reader if you write longer sentences.

#2: Write in the ‘active voice’

To put it crudely: writing in the passive voice can come across as boring to the reader. The active voice involves writing in this sequence: subject-verb-object. The reverse, as you might have figured by now, is writing in the passive voice, and what you use sparingly.

#3: Maintain short paragraphs

Similar to writing short sentences, when you break information in small ‘chunks’, the reader is able to understand what you are writing clearly, and with no confusion. This is usually not demonstrated in academic writing where there are several sentences in a paragraph.

Feel free to limit a paragraph to one word too.

#4: Delete ‘fluff words’

Words like rather, little and very tend to drain the life out of your sentences. The reason for this is because these words can dilute the message that you are trying to convey but most of all, can serve as a distraction.