Keyword Research Suggestions

Article written by : Internet Marketing Showtime

Google algorithms dominate the search engine optimization (SEO) industry. Every time Google roll out a new update, many online businesses as well as those who rely on the Internet for business opportunities including SEOs scramble to incorporate changes to their effort. This cycle needs to be broken in order to achieve business success.

Here is one strategy you can implement to get ahead of Google; rely less on keyword search. It’s a tall order but you can do it. Many of us emphasize on keyword search. Most of the data and research available also based on keyword search. Reliance on keyword search consumes too much of valuable time of SEOs and become harder every day since Google control keyword data. Instead of trying to master Google keyword process, why not develop your own keyword set? After all you are the best expert in your field of business and you have a ready vocabulary that explains your business better than anybody. You can start to build content around these. Once you develop your own set of keywords back test your data against available resources. This will help you to break the reliance on Google keyword search.

When looking for keywords and using keyword research tools, you will find the most searched keywords are also the ones that are the most competitive.  If you have a new site or very few links, there is no way you would rank for competitive keywords. Instead, focus on long tail keywords that get less traffic and are less competitive.

Why Long Tail Keywords Will Work For Your Website

Article Provided by Pierre Zarokian of Submit Express

Ever wondered why the simple keywords that you use to optimize content for your website have never brought about the results that you have hoped for. The truth is that many people look for these general keywords and several of your competitors would have used these keywords as well.

So what do you do if you want more traffic to your site?

The answer lies in the term “long tail keywords”.  These are specific phrases that people look for.  If you offer a product that is close to the phrase keyword, then you can be sure that the people who visit your site will certainly be interested in what you offer.

But how do you find these specific keywords?

First, put yourself in the user’s shoes. Let us say that you are looking for a product or service.  The first thing that you will do is conduct a Google search by typing in a string of four or five words that are related to a specific product or service.

Since people do this very often with Google, you can be sure that you will be able to find the keywords that are most related to your product by using SEO paid software that will help you find the most common searches.

Another great way to find keywords related to your product is to ask people what they would search for in Google if they wanted to know something about your product.  In doing a bit of research on the concept of SEO, you will definitely find better results the next time around in using these long tail keywords.

We recommend using this free keyword research tool by Submit Express, which will provide you some good keyword suggestions as well keyword traffic data.